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About Us

In 2001, Dr.Toni F. Washington's  counseling and teaching  took on a new shape and developed into a series of courses called "About Life Skills".  Dr. Washington compiled and published a course manual for the About Life Skills Training Program.  She formed a limited liability company, ALS Services, LLC, which is the parent company for “About Life Skills”. ALS Services, LLC has become an established and reputable training service company.  The company engages in training for corporations, businesses, schools, prisons, community based organizations, and churches.

All the workshops taught in About Life Skills are rooted in Faith Based Principles.  Our About Life Skills courses have had the honor of working with Judicial Systems (men, women and youth), the Mental Health Association and the Education System.  About Life Skills (ALS) trainings have been conducted locally, nationally and internationally.  ALS Services, LLC has had contracts with secular entities such as the City of Tulsa, Oklahoma State University (OSU) and the Union Public Schools   Dr. Washington has conducted About Life Skills Workshops on a voluntary basis for several years with the State of Oklahoma Department of Corrections.  She also established an About Life Skills Support Group that counseled and assisted released prisoners with their transition back into community living. 

The customized workshops are tailored to the client’s needs. The About Life Skills Program includes units of educational training in courses such as Rationale Thinking and Problem Solving, Developing Money Sense through Effective Financial Management, Principles of Ethical and Social Behavior, Philosophy of Character, and Stress Management.