Purposeful Goal Setting
This unit consists of a discussion with emphasis on setting goals.  We also complete an action plan for each individual which will be shared with an accountability partner.

 Developing Money Sense through Effective Management Skills
The money management unit stresses the importance of prioritizing and budgeting.  It will expose the individual to possible solutions to financial crises and teach simple techniques for becoming financially responsible.  In addition we offer credit report resolution and show the practical steps for starting your own business. 

  Stress--The Enemy Within
This unit discusses the definition of stress and the impact that stress has on us emotionally, mentally and physically.  You will gain insight into your ability to courageously explore the process of balancing your life and becoming stress free.

Conflict Resolution

This unit deals with saying the right thing at the right time for the right reason.  We also deal with the management of constructive conflict and the ability to handle effective problem solving.

Principles and Ethical Social Behavior

Here we discuss ethical behavior in the workplace and social behavior in the community.  We also conduct a numerical survey on types of behavior patterns and how the patterns impact various situations.

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Unit Outlines

 The Philosophy of Character
Here we deal with positive versus negative attitudes, self-esteem and self-confidence.  We also examine how areas of our lives are affected by our attitudes.  There is a personality assessment given that enlightens the participant about his/her character.

Rational Thinking

This is one of the most important units covering critical thinking and problem

solving techniques that assist the participant in exploring options that are creative,

purposeful and logical.